Cycling safety

Bicycle has become a very popular vehicle in the modern times. Its purposes are multifunctional. On one hand, bicycle is a transportation device and serves people to commute to and from work, and on the other hand it can be used for recreation, fun, or a sport you can get involved in.

Simple safety rules:

  1. Always ride on the right side. Remember to go with the flow, never, ever ride against traffic. Cars will not be expecting to find a biker when they round a corner or go over a hill.
  2. Always check behind when changing lanes.
  3. Watch out for dangerous things in the roadway. Road litter, potholes and gravel can all cause losing control.
  4. Stop at all stops signs and at all street lights. Be extra careful at crossroads.
  5. Always signal before making a left or right turn. To make a left turn look behind you, hold your left arm straight out and proceed carefully. For a right turn hold you left arm out and up in an ‘L’ shape.
  6. Keep control of bike. Do not swerve or make sudden turns. Drivers may not be able to react fast enough to avoid colliding with you.
  7. Ride at least one meter away from parked cars. Someone could open the door unexpectedly.
  8. Listen for cars approaching from the side or behind you.
  9. Do not follow cars too closely, you may be in their blind spot.
  10. Always be prepared to stop. Keep your hands on or close to the brakes.
  11. Fluorescent green, yellow or orange are all great choices of clothing colors. If you are wearing these colors, other bikers, motorists, car drivers and pedestrians will be able to see you better.
  12. Night ride – you will need clothing with retro-reflective materials sewn onto it. You will also need lights on the bike.
  13. If it is cool outside, dress in layers. You can peel off clothing as you start to get warmer.
  14. Beside injuries, dehydration could be a problem, especially in hot weather. The fluid should be taken regularly, regardless of thirst. Regularly means 0.75l of fluid every hour or 1l in hot conditions. While sweating the electrolytes are also lost, drinking plain water is enough only if the ride takes 1.5 hour maximum. After that special drinks should be taken.
  15. Consider wearing a helmet
  16. Use your bell – not all pedestrians can see you